I’m Ligurian, by birth and inclination, but my family have mixed origins embracing much of the marvellous country that is Italy. I very soon understood, in my romantic way, that I’d become a cook. The great Italian chefs gave me my love of raw materials, while the great French chefs showed me the importance of being able to transform them, and the basic techniques, and the great Spanish, Nordic and South American chefs that you can and must be daring in the kitchen. If you have good ideas and sound intuition, you must put yourself on the line and define a style that’s recognizably, inimitably yours.


My cooking is based on intuition, sensibility and the capacity to assess raw materials and know which technique to use to achieve (but never conceive) my idea of the final dish.


My offering addresses a broad public, from the curious and keen to understand and learn haute cuisine to the most expert food and wine critic, and is based on five cooking styles, all highly different yet deeply complementary.


I decided years ago that Milan is my present and probably my future, because it’s a city I’ve always loved for its infinite energy, which enables me to compensate for the perpetual nostalgia I have for my birthplace and at the same time express myself fully and freely, trusting in the open-mindedness and internationalism that only a big metropolis can offer.

The lemon is my brand, my ultimate fetish.
Thanks to its acidity, I succeed in my desire to summon up olfactory and emotive nuances
that place the traditional within the contemporary and extend the experience
with an alternation of tactile and taste sensations that lend brio,
speed, force and freshness to my creations.